RATL 2 | Lesson 2 | Watch (Adding Rational Expressions)

The strategy for adding rational numbers also works for adding and subtracting rational expressions.

One example of the addition of rational expressions is:

a)  \(\Large \frac{2}{x^2+6x+8}+\frac{3x}{x^2+7x+10}=\)                                   Factor denominators

b)   \(\Large \frac{2}{(x+2)(x+4)}+\frac{3x}{(x+2)(x+5)}=\)              Find common denominator

c)   \(\Large \frac{2(x+5)+3x(x+4)}{(x+2)(x+5)(x+4)}=\frac{3x^2+14x+10}{x^3+11x^2+38x+40}\)

Write equivalent fractions with like denominators, add numerators, and simplify.

For additional examples, please watch the video linked below:

Adding rational expression: unlike denominators (video) – Khan Academy


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