Module 1: 2D & 3D Figures

In this module, area and perimeter formulas are developed. Once the formulas are established and connections made, they are applied. In the last two lessons volume and surface area formulas are developed and used.

Module 2: Triangles

The module begins with classification of triangles with respect to angle measure and or side lengths. A discussion of  special right triangles is used to develop the trigonometric ratios. By examining these ratios connections among sine, cosine and tangent are made. Problems are then solved by using the trigonometric ratios. The module ends with developing and applying the properties and characteristics of triangles.

Module 3: Similarity & Congruence

The transformations of a rigid shape are used to discussion congruence. This leads into methods of proving congruence, especially in triangles. Congruence of triangles is used to find congruence in quadrilaterals. Later in the module, dilations are used to introduce similarity. The module ends with similarity proofs and applications.

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