Polynomials & Quadratic Equations & Functions

Module 1: Combining Polynomials

The module begins with multiplying and dividing polynomials.  While multiplying, the distributive property patterns are recognized.  These recognized patterns are then used in factoring.

Module 2:  Factoring and Solving Quadratics

Special factoring patterns are noted in the beginning of the module, especially the trinomial square.  The second lesson introduces completing the square as a means of finding solutions to an equation.  This leads to the development of the Quadratic Formula as a means of finding solutions to any quadratic equation.

Module 3:  Analysis of Polynomials

In this module, graphic representation of polynomial equations are analyzed and features are noted.   Roots of the polynomial are found in a number of methods as well as finding multiplicity and end behavior.  In the last lesson connections to other graphs and applications are made.