RATL 2 | Lesson 2 | Practice (Adding Rational Expressions)

Adding Rational Expressions

Use the example and the procedures you wrote to add the following rational expressions:

  1. \(\dfrac{1}{x+3}+\dfrac{1}{x+5}\)
  2. \(\dfrac{2}{x+7}+\dfrac{3}{x+7}\)
  3. \(\dfrac{3+x}{x+7}+\dfrac{4+x}{x+5}\)
  4. \(\dfrac{x-3}{x+8}+\dfrac{x+1}{x-6}\)


(Check to see if you have the right answers which are listed below.  They are not in order, and there is one extra answer.)

\(\dfrac{2x^2+26}{x^2+2x-48} \hspace{5mm} \dfrac{5}{x+7} \hspace{5mm} \dfrac{2x^2+19x+43}{x^2+12x+35} \hspace{5mm} \dfrac{x^2+26}{x^2+2x-48} \hspace{5mm} \dfrac{2x+8}{x^2+8x+15}\)

What did you notice? For extra practice try the same procedures with some subtraction problems. Don’t forget to distribute the subtraction sign to the terms in the subtrahend.

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