POLQ 2 | Lesson 1 | Practice (Identifying Factoring Patterns)

Identifying Factoring Patterns

Using all four factoring patterns from the last page, sort the following expressions by which factoring pattern could be used to factor each one. Use the headings below and list the appropriate expressions underneath. If they don’t fit in any category, then put them in the category labeled “None”.

Difference of  Two Squares          Perfect Square Trinomial

Difference of Cubes          Sum of Cubes          None


\(x^2+10x+25\)          \(x^3+125\)          \(2x^3+128y^3\)          \((4x)^2-48x + 6^2\)

\(8x^3-27\)          \(a^3-125b^3\)          \(m^3 +8\)

\(121-y^2\)          \((x-2)^2-49\)          \(r^2-8r+16\)

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