POLQ 2 | Lesson 1 | Practice (Factoring Trinomials)

Factoring Trinomials

Factor all of the expressions from the activity on the last page.

Use the factoring patterns for the expressions that fall in these four categories:

Difference of  Two Squares          Perfect Square Trinomial

Difference of Cubes          Sum of Cubes


\(x^2+10x+25\)          \(x^3+125\)          \(2x^3+128y^3\)          \((4x)^2-48x+6^2\)

\(8x^3-27\)          \(a^3-125b^3\)          \(m^3+8\)

\(121-y^2\)          \((x-2)^2-49\)          \(r^2-8r+16\)

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