LINR 2 | Lesson 1 | Practice (Literal Equations)

Practice Solving Literal Equations

A literal equation is generally a formula for example \(A = \frac{1}{2} bh\).  We can solve the equation for any of the variables in the problem by using the methods for solving an equation as was shown in the video. In Module LINR 1 Lesson 4, you solved a literal equation when you converted an equation of a line written in Standard Form and solved solved for \(y\) to convert it to Slope-intercept Form.

Try the following problems:

  1. Given the equation \(3x+2y = 8\), solve for \(y\).

  1. Given the equation: \(A = \dfrac{1}{2} h(b_1+b_2)\) solve for \(h\).

  1. Given the equation: \(V = \dfrac{1}{3}\pi r^2h\),  solve for \(h\).

Check solutions here.

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