GEOM 2 | Lesson 4 | Practice

Apply your knowledge of these terms in the following problems :

  1. Solve for XY.




\(\overline{XY}=\) ?

  1. In order for the red line to be the perpendicular bisector of \(\overline{AC}\), what would the coordinates of the point D (where the red line intersects \(\overline{AC}\), need to be? What would be the length of AD and DC?

  1. Find QV if \(QV=7x-1\) and \(QW=4x+5\), \(Q\) is the midpoint of \(\overline{VW}\)

A) 13         B) 19.5

C) 8.67       D) 26





  1. Find AD

  1. Find the altitude of this triangle:

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