GEOM 1 | Lesson 4 | Making Connections

You are hired to work for a landscaping company that specializes in custom designs of flowerbeds. One of your customers wants a custom raised flower bed that is one-of-a-kind. However, they only have a certain amount of room for the bed. Here are the requirements made by the customer:

The Customer’s Stipulations:

  • The flower bed must have an area of \(36m^2\).
  • The raised bed needs to be surrounded by a brick wall.
  • It needs to have a depth of \(50cm\) or  \(0.5m\) and be filled with soil.

Here’s what you need to find:

  1. Come up with two designs for the raised flower bed that are different shapes. Draw a scale diagram of each design with dimensions shown.
  2. Calculate the length of wall that will be required to go around the garden.
  3. Research the cost of materials to calculate the cost of the wall.
  4. Calculate the volume of your raised flower beds.
  5. Give a quote for the cost of soil.
  6. Present your two designs with final quotes for each design to the customer. They are picky customers and will want to see the calculations made. *The cheapest design is not necessarily the best and the customers like things in their yard to be unique!*

This task gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge gained from the previous three lessons, differentiating between area, perimeter, and volume.  Only one design may be rectangular, and the other must be a different shape. Challenge yourselves in your thinking and calculations, by taking various things into account such as cost vs. quality of material, design elements, combining multiple shapes to create the flower bed, creativity, etc.

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