GEOM 1 | Lesson 4 | Making Connections Solutions

Some possible designs

If you select a square as a shape of the garden then the dimension are 6 by 6.

The volume of the dirt would be \(18 m^3\).   You can determine the cost using what you researched.

The perimeter of the garden is 24 m.  The area of the wall is \(12m^2\).

If you selected a circle, the volume of dirt is the same approximately.

The radius is:  \(\sqrt{\dfrac{36}{π}}\) or approximately \(3.38 m\)

The perimeter of the circular garden is approximately  \(21.24 m\), so the area of the wall is approximately \(10.62 m^2\).

There could be a design a regular hexagon or an L-shaped with say one piece of has an area of 24 and the other part an area of 12.


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