GEOM 1 | Lesson 3 | Practice (Application Problems)

Application Problems

Draw a diagram, and work through each of the the problems below.

  1. A baker creates fantastic cupcakes that can each be comfortably enclosed in a cube of side length 2 in and a square base. She wants to deliver these cupcakes to stores in batches of 75 in a large box that has 3 layers of cupcakes. What is the volume of the box, and what is its surface area?

  1. A tennis ball container has a 2 inch diameter and holds 3 tennis balls.  Find the volume of the container,  the volume of the tennis balls and the volume of air in the can.

  1. A pyramid has a square base, \(60’\) by \(60’\).  The slant height is \(50’\).  Find the volume of the pyramid as well as how much glass would be needed to cover the faces.

Check solutions here.

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