RATL 2 | Lesson 3 | Try This! (Dividing Rational Expressions)

Try This!

Dividing Rational Expressions

Now, that you have multiplied rational expressions, it should be easy to complete the steps for division of rational expressions.

Fill in the blanks to make the steps complete.

Step 1: Completely factor both the ____________ and denominators of all fractions.

Step 2: Change the division sign to a __________ sign and reciprocate the fraction after the division sign; essentially you need to _________ by the reciprocal.

Step 3: Simplify the fractions. Remember that to simplify fractions; you can divide out all forms of one, when a factor in the _________ is the same as a factor in the denominator. Remember, the two _________  must be EXACTLY the same.

Step 4: Rewrite the remaining factors. Notice that you may have to multiply the factors in the numerator and the ___________ in some situations.

Answers are scrambled:

numerators, numerator, factors, denominator, multiplication, multiply

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