RATL 2 | Lesson 3 | Explore (Multiplying Fractions)

Multiplying Fractions

Provide as many strategies as possible to multiply the fractions in the problems below. Can you use drawings to solve any of these problems?

a) \(\dfrac{3}{4}\cdot{\dfrac{1}{2}}\)         b) \(\dfrac{4}{5}\cdot{\dfrac{3}{4}}\)         c) \(\dfrac{14}{15}\cdot{\dfrac{10}{21}}\)

After seeing the similarities between simplifying, and adding and subtracting rational numbers and rational expressions, what do you wonder about multiplying and dividing rational expressions? Think about how multiplication and division of rational expressions might be similar to multiplication and division of fractions. The video on the next page shows how to multiply fractions using the area model.

Go to Watch (Area Model to Multiply Fractions)

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