RATL 1 | Lesson 3 | Watch (Additive and Multiplicative Comparison)


Additive and Multiplicative Comparison

Let’s look at additive and multiplicative comparisons in a real life task.

Use the LearnZillion link below to watch a slide show and engage in a task that will help you understand the difference between the additive and multiplicative comparisons.  Once you have viewed the slide show, return to this page by using the back arrow.


Task Summary

Caleb and Will both earn an allowance each day of the week. Caleb earns $2 more than the number of consecutive days he has completed his chores. Will earns 2 times the number of consecutive days he has completed his chores. Answer the following questions assuming that each boy has completed his chores every day. Justify your thinking with mathematical models.

  1. How much does each boy earn on Day 2? On Day 7?

  2. How does what each boy earns on Day 7 compared to what each boy earns on Day 2?

  3. How much more does Will earn on Day 7 than Caleb?

  4. Use a visual model and a sentence to explain why Will earns more.

Solutions to this task as well as others are provided on the slide show using the link above.

Try This!

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