RATL 2 | Lesson 4 | Explore 2 Solution

a) Two painters were hired to paint a building. The first painter could do it himself in 7 hours and the second painter could do the job himself in 5 hours. If the two painters work together, how long will it take the two painters to do the job.

***The hint for this problem is that the first painter can paint \(\Large\frac{1}{7}\) of the job per hour.  ***

Check your work:

Did you have the equation:

\(\Large\frac{1}{7} + \frac{1}{5}=\frac{1}{t}\)

Solving for t,  it will take approximately 2.92 hours to complete the job

b) It takes two builders six months to build a house. One builder works 1.5 times faster than the other builder. How long would it take the slower builder to build the house by himself?

Ans:  3.6 months

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