RATL 2 | Lesson 1 | Solutions (Prime Factorization)

For extra help, here are some strategies for prime factoring whole numbers.

1) The first way is to use a table as shown in the following slide show:


2) Another way to prime factor a composite number is to use a factor ladder:

Prime factorization for 48:  \(48=2^4\cdot{3}\)

3) A third way to prime factor a number is to use a factor tree.

Check your answers for simplifying the fractions above:

a) \(\Large \frac{24}{36}=\frac{2\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{3}}{2\cdot{2}\cdot{3}\cdot{3}}=\frac{2}{3}\)

b) \(\Large \frac{48}{54}=\frac{2\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{3}}{2\cdot{3}\cdot{3}\cdot{3}}=\frac{2\cdot{2}\cdot{2}}{3\cdot{3}}=\frac{8}{9}\)

c) \(\Large \frac{36}{54}=\frac{2\cdot{2}\cdot{3}\cdot{3}}{2\cdot{3}\cdot{3}\cdot{3}}=\frac{2}{3}\)

d) \(\Large \frac{24}{48}=\frac{2\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{3}}{2\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{2}\cdot{3}}=\frac{1}{2}\)

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