POLQ 1 | Lesson 3 | Practice (Finding GCDs of Monomials)

Finding GCDs of Monomials

Find the GCD of the sets of terms below using the strategies (mental math, factor trees, and/or factor ladders) you used for the numbers on the last page:

a) \(4x, \, 8x^2\)

Hint: \(4x = 4 * x\)    and \(8x^2 = 2*4*x*x\)   What do the two factored forms of the monomial share? \(4x\)  is your GCD or GCF.

b) \(12x^2,\, 24x,\, 36x^3\)

c) \(32xy,\, 8x^2y^2,\, -16xy^3\)

Check solutions here.

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