POLQ 1 | Lesson 1 | Making Connections (Selecting a Strategy)

Selecting a Strategy

Decide which of the three methods in the boxes or the distributive property you would use to multiply each pair of polynomials. Make sure to justify your answers. Then, multiply each pair each pair of polynomials using your chosen strategy.

FOIL – First-Outer-Inner-Last

Generic Rectangle/Area Model

Standard Multiplication Algorithm

a) \((x^2+3x-5)(2x+7)\)

b) \((x+3)(x-2)\)

c) \((2x^2+4x+7)(x^2+4x-3)\)

Before going to the next lesson, list the methods you used in this lesson in order of how comfortable you are using them. Write a plan that will help you become more comfortable with the methods that were new to you before this lesson.

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