POLQ 1 | Lesson 1 | Explore (Ways to Multiply Binomials)

Ways to Multiply Binomials

Make a list of different ways you can multiply two binomials. Looking at your methods, which methods could be used for multiplying polynomials with more than two terms? Use the following problems to demonstrate as many ways as you can:

a) \( 25• 35\)

b) \((x+3)(x+2)\)

c) \((x-7)(x+2)\)

d) \((2x+3)(x-1)\)

This lesson will take you through multiple methods to multiply polynomials of two or more terms. Some strategies work for binomial multiplication but not necessarily for polynomial multiplication. You will work with different strategies and then decide what is best for you. Although you may have used FOIL in the past, it is not always the most efficient method to use. You will encounter different strategies as well as try them out. You will be asked what method works best for you at the end of the lesson.

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