LINR 3 | Lesson 2 | Explore (Cell Phone Problem)

Maria was thinking about the production of cell phones at her manufacturing plant. Each hi-end phone takes 4 hours to produce, each no-frills phone takes 2 hours. She has 80 hours of labor that she can spare for production each week and the plant has the capacity for producing no more than 25 phones.

In the graph below, the orange line represents the combination of hi-end and no-frill phones that meet the 25 phone limit. The green line represents the combination of the two types of phones that use 80 hours of labor. In studying the graph, what can you say about each of the labelled regions?

In particular, look at the number of hi-end and no-frills phones produced in each region and calculate the number of production hours that combination would require. Then compare this information with the constraints identified in the problem.

Cell phone graph regions described

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