LINR 3 | Lesson 2 | Explore 2 (Community Event)

Jamelle was planning a big community event. He was serving rice and beans. Each pound of rice cost $2, each pound of beans $1.50. He figured that he could serve 8 people for every pound of rice and 12 people for every pound of beans.

He had $100 and wanted to serve at least 500 people.

What do you notice? What do you wonder?

Notice and Wonder supports students to make sense of the situation and exercises their ability to form relevant mathematical questions. (So make sure not to skip this part of the exercise.)

You are encouraged to answer any wonderings that arose from your observations, however, the particular wonderings to pursue should include the following.


Can Jamelle buy 20 pounds of beans and 20 pounds of rice?

Can Jamelle buy 50 pounds of beans and 10 pounds of rice?

Can Jamelle buy 10 pounds of beans and 50 pounds of rice?

Can Jamelle buy 30 pounds of beans and 30 pounds of rice?

More difficult:

How many pounds of beans and rice should Jamelle buy?

If Jamelle bought 20 pounds of rice, how many pounds of beans should he buy?

What is the most pounds of rice he can buy? Beans?

You are encouraged to explore these answers using table, graph, and equations.

Looking at beans in multiple representations

Graph your equations, then use your graph to explain each of the regions, the meaning of specific points (particularly intersections and intercepts), as well as, using the graph to answer questions posed in the Noticings.



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