LINR 3 | Lesson 1 | Explore (Setting up and Solving Systems)

Setting up and Solving Systems

Let’s study the tables of values for the race (page 2 of the student worksheet). Without referring back to the graph, write down everything you notice about the tables.

  • Can you describe the race and how it changes as time progresses (including. who is ahead and by how much)
  • If a coordinate pair in one table matched a coordinate pair in the other table, what would that tell you?
  • From the information in the table, can you figure out the solution to this system, i.e. where Sally and Arnie tied? (If you can’t calculate it precisely, make your best guess.)

(After you have considered on your own click to see some discussion points)

Tables and graphs may not allow us to precisely identify the precise moment of the tie. So, let’s consider the equations that represent this race.

Please, write the equation representing each insect’s race.

Use the equations to check your findings from your analysis of each of the graph and table to find the time and distance of the tie.

Check solutions here.

Go to Watch (System of Equations in Context) 

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