LINR 2 | Lesson 2 | Explore (Inequalities)


Given the numbers \(-2\) and \(3\) marked on the number line below.

The relation between these numbers is shown as \(-2<3\)

Perform the following calculations to determine the nature of the inequality.

OperationWrite the statement Show the new relation
Add \(2\) to each\(-2 + 2 < 3 + 2\) \(0<5\)
Subtract \(4\) from each 
Add \(– 2\) to each 
Subtract \(– 4\) from each 
Multiply each by \(3\) 
Multiply each by \(-1\) 
Divide each by \(2\) 
Divide each by \(-1\) 
  • As you add or subtract, how does the inequality change?
  • As you multiply or divide, how does the inequality change?
  • Make a conjecture regarding the nature of the inequality when you add, subtract, multiple, or divide.

Check solutions here.

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