GEOM 3 | Lesson 2 | Explore & Practice

The next part of the lesson will require you to use the triangle congruence theorems as justifications in a real world situation. Form new groups of 3 and work together on this task. Use drawings and explanations to justify your reasoning. At the end, present your findings.

1) Design at most 5 different paper planes using congruent triangles. Draw out each design as you make them.

2) Fly the paper planes one at a time. Record the flying time of each plane. Then, choose the most stable one.

3) Point out the factors that affect the stability of the plane.

4) Explain why such principles work.

5) Draw out your conclusion and make recommendations.

You should justify your best design using triangle congruence theorems. Why do you think that one theorem may have worked better for one group than another?

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