GEOM 2 | Lesson 3 | Making Connections

You are building a house and have reached the point where it is time to construct the roof. Each truss in the roof must have supporting beams that contain the same ratio of sides so each truss supports the roof equally and is symmetrical on both sides. In order to ensure this, some calculations must be made. The following is a blueprint for the roof:

Download blueprint :

  1. The measurement from the bearing point to the other bearing point is 20 feet.
  2. The angle formed by the top chord and the bottom cord is 35°.
  3. The angle formed by the Truss Web and the Top Chord is a right angle.
  4. The angles formed by the King Post and the Bottom Chord are right angles.

Use the given information to find all of the missing lengths in the roof truss.

Check your solution.

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