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There are many real world examples of similar figures.   For example reading a map to determine the distance between two destinations, reading a blue print to determine the size of the building, and enlarging an image to name a few.  You can more than likely think about other examples as well.

Draw a diagram for the following:

If you had a measuring tape and or a mirror, how could you find the height of a tree without climbing it?  What would you need to know?

You are playing a game of tennis and are serving a ball, how do you use similar triangles to help you figure out how to get it just over the net and into the court?

Create your own example and draw a diagram.

These examples introduce indirect measurement and provide situations that will apply to the lesson.

You are reading a map or a blueprint, know the dimensions on the blueprint and want to find the real dimensions.  Conversely you may know the real measure and want to find the dimension on the blueprint.

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