GEOM 2 | Lesson 1 | Try This! (Congruent Angles)


Congruent Angles


  • Congruent angles are angles that have equal measures.
  • Complementary angles are two angles that sum to 90°.
  • Supplementary angles are two angles that sum to 180°.
  • Vertical angles are two angles that are across from each other when two lines intersect.

In the figure below, \(m\angle 1=90^{\circ}\) and \(m\angle 3=m\angle 4=m\angle 6\). 


  1. Identify all pairs of supplementary angles.
  2. Identify all pairs of complementary angles. 
  3. Identify all vertical angles.
  4. Use supplementary angles and the transitive property to show that \(m\angle 6=m\angle 8\) and \(m\angle 7=m\angle 9\).
  5. What can you conclude about the measures of vertical angles?
  6. Identify all sets of congruent angles.

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