FNGR 2 | Lesson 5 | Practice (Graphing Inverse Functions)


Graphing Inverse Functions

Use Desmos to graph the following equations on the same axes.  Determine whether the two equations are inverse functions and state your rationale.

1.  \(y=2-3x\) ; \(y=-\dfrac{1}{3}x +\dfrac23\)

2.  \(y=x^2-1\) ; \(y=\mp \sqrt{x+1}\)

3.  \(y=|x|\)  and  \(x=|y|\)

4.  \(y=x^3+1\) ; \(y=\sqrt[3]{x-1}\)

5. \(y=\dfrac{3}{5}  x-1\) ; \(y=\dfrac{5}{3}x + \dfrac{5}{3}\)

Determine if the graphs shown in the figures below are inverses.  Explain your reasoning. Graphs are created using Desmos.com.

6.   Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 4.20.16 PM

7.   Picture15

8.    Picture16

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