FNGR 2 | Lesson 5 | Practice (Writing Inverse Equations)


Writing Inverse Equations

Find the inverse of the function, if it exists. If an inverse exists, show that \(f(f^{-1}(x))=x\) and \(f^{-1}(f(x))=x\) . 

1.  \(f(x)=3x-2\)

2.  \(f(x)=2-2x\)

3.  \(f(x)=x^3\)

4.  \(f(x)=x^2-2\)

5.  \(f(x)=x^2-2\) , \(x\geq 0\) . How is this different from #5 ?

Function Inverses in Context

6.  Use the table below to create the function that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit. Then find the inverse function (converting to Celsius).


7.  Write the function and its inverse that will convert Dollars to Euros and then Euros to Dollars if $1 will buy 0.92086 Euros. 

For additional practice, go to Illustrative Mathematics and complete the tasks “Invertible or Not?”.

Also try the task: Temperature.

Check your solutions here.


Go to Watch (More About Inverses)

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