FNGR 1 | Lesson 1 | Practice 2 (Growth or Decay)

Growth or Decay

Identify the function as either an exponential growth or an exponential decay. To check, graph the function using  Desmos .

  1. \(f(x)=8(1/3)^x\)
  2. \(f(x)=8(1.1)^x\)
  3. \(f(x)=8^x\)
  4. \(f(x)=\bigg(\dfrac{1}{5}\bigg)^x\)
  5. \(f(x)=2(3.5)^x\)
  6. Thinking about the multiplier in exponential functions: \(f(x) = ar^x\), where \(r\) is the multiplier. How do you determine whether the function is growth or decay?
  7. In considering what you now know about linear and exponential growth, going back to the bank problem, which do you think will grow faster?

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