EXPS 1 | Lesson 3 | Practice

  1. In the expression, \(a\times10^n,~a\) must be a value between        and       .
  2. Convert \(3,680,000\) to scientific notation.
  3. Convert \(0.000000567\) to scientific notation.
  4. Convert \(5.68\times10^{-5}\) to standard form.
  5. Convert \(3.62\times10^9\) to standard form.

Simplify the following expressions and express the solution in scientific notation.

  1. \((3.68\times10^5)(5.72\times10^{-3})\)
  2. \(\dfrac{1.368\times10^{10}}{5.7\times10^5}\)
  3. According to University Today, the sun has an approximate volume of \(1.41\times10^{18} \) km\(^3\) and the earth has an approximate volume of \(1.083\times10^{12}\) km\(^3\).  Approximately how many earths can fit in the sun?

Check your solutions here.

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