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Expand This! 

Complete the missing fields in the table and answer the question below.

Expanded Form Exponential form
\(5\cdot 5\cdot5\cdot5\)\(5^4\)
\(2\cdot2\cdot2\cdot x \cdot x\)\(2^3x^2\)
1. \(4^3x^4y\)
\( 3\cdot3\cdot3\cdot x \cdot y \cdot y \cdot y\)2.
\(4\cdot 4 \cdot 5\cdot 5\cdot5\cdot x \cdot x \cdot x\cdot y \cdot y \cdot y\)3.
\(\bigg( \dfrac 12 \bigg)\bigg( \dfrac 12 \bigg)\bigg( \dfrac 12 \bigg)\bigg( \dfrac 12 \bigg)\)5.

In the expression \(x^3\), \(x\) is called the base and 3 is the exponent. The exponent tells you how many times the base is being used as a factor. 

7.  Which form is easier to use and why?

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