POLQ 2 | Lesson 1 | Reflect

Below are the answers to the above. Think about and write a reflection of how you identified which expression aligned with each pattern. Explain why the expressions in the “none” column didn’t all in a category.

Perfect Square Trinomial: \(x^2 + 10x +25\), \(r^2 -8r +16\), \((4x)^2 – 48x + 6^2\)

Difference of 2 Squares: \(121 -y^2\)

Sum of Cubes: \(x^3 +125\), \(m^3 +8\)

Difference of Cubes:  \(8x^3-27\), \(a^3 -125b^3\)

Other:  \(2x^3 + 128y^3\),  \((x-2)^2 -49\)

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