GEOM 2 | Lesson 2 | Explore (Right Triangles)

1).  “What makes a triangle a right triangle? How many different right triangles can be formed?”  Is it possible to get them all?   How does the Pythagorean Theorem help with find the length of sides?

2).  Use the GeoGebra applet to explore the relationship between side lengths of 45-45-90 triangles and 30-60-90 triangles.  Once you have explored the relationships and recorded the results, return to this page by using the back arrow.

Make sure to create three of each triangle and record their measurements in the chart below.  Download the Table:   Angles and Sides of a Triangle

Angle A Angle B Angle C Side AB Side BC Side CA
Triangle 1
Triangle 2
Triangle 3
Triangle 4
Triangle 5
Triangle 6

Once all measurements have been recorded, proceed.   Is it true in all 6 triangles that \(AB^2 + BC^2 = AC^2\)?

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