FNGR 2 | Lesson 1 | Watch (Graphing Quadratic Functions: HippoCampus)

Graphing Quadratic Functions: HippoCampus

Now that you have an understanding of how a parabola is formed with the changing of the \(a\), \(b\) and \(c\), choose one of the two videos to watch, (or both), to learn how those values are used in graphing a quadratic function on the coordinate plane.

Make sure to take a few notes about ideas or concepts that are new, reaffirmed or even if you still have a question to look up later.   Using HippoCampus, scroll down and select second semester.

Graphing Quadratic Functions | HippoCampus

Graphing Quadratic Functions | Virtual Nerd

Now, using the understandings, learnings and knowledge about functions in general, quadratics and parabolas, and maybe even some past learning about linear functions, embark on the next activity.

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