FNGR 1 | Lesson 3 | Explore (You Decide, Part 1)

You Decide, Part 1

Let’s look at Table I a bit closer.

Table I
\(x\) \(y\)
\(-2\) \(-4\)
\(-1\) \(-1\)
\(0\) \(2\)
\(1\) \(5\)
\(2\) \(8\)

If you were to describe a pattern, what would it be?

What might the next entry in the table be?

If the \(x\) value is 5, what would the \(y\) value be?

If a possible \(y\) value is 29, what might the \(x\) value be?

Would you describe the pattern as linear, exponential or quadratic? Explain your thinking. How might you convince a classmate?

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